Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An Easter to Remember

April 3rd, 2010

It was Easter Weekend, Ninjas Tournament Weekend and on this Saturday we were headed to the A's/Giants game in Oakland for Tailgating w/ my sister and friends Greg and YooMee. In the middle of the game Darren tells me he has a surprise for me in the morning so I need to make sure to wake up and not  do anything to prepare for Easter. Normally during a holiday I wake up early and start cooking for somethings. So he told me to wake up by 8:00 or 8:15 to get my surprise and have time to go over to his Aunts house for Easter lunch.

April 4th, 2010

If you don't know me then you don't know I L.O.V.E, LOVE LOVE LOVE surprises! So knowing I had a surprise on this Easter morning I woke up extra early. I wake up at 7:15 am. I turn over look at Darren and go, "I want my Surprise! I can't go back to sleep" Darren simply replies, "TOO EARLY" haha..By around 8, and after I've gotten ready to start the day Darren hands me my surprise. It's an Easter basket w/ an egg inside of it. He tells me that he set up an Easter egg hunt since he knows I like them so much and he thought we weren't going to be able to do one this year b/c we were planning on going out to dinner. COOL! Love Easter egg hunts and scavenger hunts... I just plain love all types of hunts :) Inside each of the eggs were a clue and scrabble pieces. He told me that I needed to save everything and that the I would need the pieces later.

Egg 1
Clue:Believe it or not I have set something up for you!
I figured you enjoy Easter Egg Hunts so go out to the patio and find your first clue!

The clue was on the patio, pretty easy to find.

Egg 2
Clue: So here is my game, wherever you go there will be a hint to take.
Lets start with first place, where can I bake?--> TOASTER OVEN!

Egg 3
Clue: So now you have your keys, obviously you have to drive.
So hurry up and get in your car cuz Tyson and Kira are waiting for you to arrive!

After clue 3, I realize that I have to drive to Darren's parents house in Almaden. He then proceeds to tell me that he isn't coming w/ me. I ask him if Michelle could come w/ me and he says no. :( Okay, I'll go w/ it.

Egg 4
After playing a bit w/ Tyson and Kira. Tyson gives me my egg.

Clue: Hopefully there is no slobber or food on the dress.
Don't put it on yet now go back to our mailbox with our address

A dress?? Okay, I grab the dress and go ALL the way back to the apartment.

Egg 5
So, this one took me a while to find. Mainly b/c I never get the mail so I forgot our mailbox number. haha. so I had to try my key out on a couple different boxes. :)
Clue: I hope you found the mail that was for you
Go up to our place the clue is in a shoe

I start my way upstairs w/ a HUGE smile on my face. This was FUN. As I head to the apartment, I see Darren walking out w/ Champagne in his hand. I yell at him down the hall and go, "DARREN, you got me shoes huh!? That's why you asked me for my shoe size" All he does is look at me, says, "See you later" and then runs off. (I wasn't supposed to see him :) )

Egg 6
Clue :The next place you need to go, has some ladies perfume.
And when we have to go bad, it's like KABOOM!!!! ---> BATHROOM!

Which is where I found Michelle. First thing I ask, "DO YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!?!?" She responds w/ "NO" She had no idea!

Egg 7
Clue: I started in the living room, and got kicked out to the patio.
I keep things cold for you to drink after your cardio --> SMALL DRINK FRIDGE!!

Egg 8
Clue: I joined you a couple years ago from a nice little cave.
And with another year or two, I will be nice to save --> This one was a little tricky, but I figured it out. WINE FRIDGE!

Egg 9
Clue: The next place you need to go has a big thing that was not free
If you don't know what I am talking about, IT'S THE TV!!!!

Egg 10
Clue: Okay I am running out of clues so put your dress and shoes on and come to the place that makes you cool.
You can't play beiruit down here b/c I guess that's the rule --> To the POOL!

But before I leave for the pool, I had to put on my dress. Not sure if anyone remembers but it was pouring! I put my dress on over my leggings and as I was in the process of getting dressed Darren calls. "Are you done yet?" I respond w/ ," Yeah, I'm just putting on my dress and grabbing a jacket. It's really cold outside" Darren," Oh, I was going to tell you, you didn't have to change"  He tells me that now, after I already put it on. SMH.

Once I make it down to the pool I find him and he gives me another egg.

Egg 11
Clue: So here is the last clue, there are twelve eggs hidden in this place, I have tried to make it like Amazing race.
Once you collect them all, solve the puzzle, and you will get a price like you won FIRST PLACE!!!

I then searched the whole pool area for eggs. I was able to find all of them but 1 I needed a little help finding.Each egg had a handmade puzzle piece inside and once I found them all Darren then thew another bag filled w/ puzzle pieces at me. Once I had all the pieces I went to work on the puzzle. One of the pieces even had a diamond on it. That was when I REALLY knew what was going on. Once I finally finished putting together the puzzle (Yes, it took me a while) I had to put the scrabble pieces in order. I really didn't need any of the scrabble pieces b/c I already knew what it said. As soon as I finished Darren handed me a REALLY big egg w/ the ring inside. All I could do was smile. He then went down on one knee. Wait, first he goes, "Well, I better do this right" and then goes down on one knee and says something like, "I want to grow old w/ you, I want to have a family w/ you... and" I forgot the rest. But it was good. Once Darren finished, Michelle and Dan jumped out from behind the fireplace w/ excitement. Michelle tapped the reaction or the soon after I REALLY found out reaction and we'll probably put together something soon.  I know this is SUPER long. It's taken me over a week to type it up, but so many have asked how it was done I figured this was the easiest way. LET THE PLANNING BEGIN!!
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Years

Our new years eve plans were pretty mellow this year. We decided not to go too crazy w/ a crazy city party and went to Nate's house where he holds a party every year w/ an ice luge. The LUGE HUGE success. I've heard that it was a blast last year but now I think I can't go to a party without one. The set up was pretty sweet. My cousin has a small porch and steps that lead up to his house. The luge was placed on top of the porch while the intakers could stand on the ground below. It was perfect and a lot of fun. It's amazing how smooth the booze goes down.

The night wasn't too crazy, but we did have a lot of fun. Darren and I ended up spending the night at Erin's house and then made sure to get back home to Oakland pretty early to help with all of the new years day feasts.

The morning stated off w/ Darren, Popo, Mom and I making a crap load of Chap Jae. It's clear korean noodles. Kind of like a Korean style chow mien except that the noodles are made from yams so Mom can eat them. Once we finished making a whole trey of that, my Dad took it over the the Kag's and the rest of us got ready to go out.

The first stop was Auntie Anah's. She is a long time family friend. I'm guessing in her 80's and she prepares the whole New Year's Day feast w/ her twin sister all by themselves. It's a treat. The most formal of the three houses we all sit around the table. And pass food. I always make sure to grab my black beans. They say its good luck but I really like the taste of them. The biggest plus about the house: The Albacore, best sashimi of the day.

The second stop was what we call Uncle Alfreds or the Chinn's. But the party is held at my Auntie Arlene's sister's house in the hills of Berkeley. If you been around the hills of Berkeley the houses are phat. P-H Phat. It was a much different setting. We get there and Darren turns to me and goes.. wow its a little louder here.. haha... No sit down meal here, there's just a big table w/ food and you grab. The best dish from this house: Skirt steak. SOOOO tasty and tender. Delicious. We ended up staying for a while b/c well they also had wine and sake. I think between my Mother, Darren and I we each had 3 glasses.

Last and Final house of the night. The Kags. You would think by now I would be stuffed at the seams. You're right. I was stuffed but not stuffed enough not to eat. hahaha. Many people would think Christmas is my favorite holiday. WRONG. New Years Day is def my favorite holiday. How can you resist all that sashimi, steak, black beans!!! Ozoni...Everything was delicious and no 1 favorite dish here. But we did get in our sake shots w/ the family. Our initial plan was to drive home to San Jose after New Years Day. Lets just say we only made it to Oakland. Lets you know how much fun we had...

Now Diet Time, until next year! **Cheers**

Thursday, December 17, 2009

White Elephant Exchange at Randy's House

Time for the xmas parties and elephant exchanges.. Last night we went over to our friends house for baked pastas, wine and present exchanging.

The rules:

White Elephant Gift Exchange- $15-20, wrapped
NOTE: the entire gift cannot be a gag gift! ex. $5 gag gift+ $15 cool gift
Randy adds: Shot taken when you steal, 3rd owner gets the gift
The first person that picks gets the last pick at the end of the game.

Darren brought and extra copy of entourage season 1 that he had and i brought Nerf balls and a Nerf gun. The game was a ton of fun and needless to say the two of us drank a lot of shots.

The most monumental steal happened like this:
1. Darren opens up the gift Cindy brought. A world of beer and cooler w/ speakers.
2. Way later I open up a portable grill brought by Reid.
3. Randy Steal's Darren's world of beer
4. As Randy steals Darren's gift we both look at each other at the same time and the monumental steal is in place.
4. Darren then steals my gift of a portable grill
5. I then quickly grab Randy's gift the world of beers
6. World of beers locked w/ me! MONUMENTAL!

Darren and I leave w/ a snuggie, energy drinks, the world of beer and the cooler w/ speakers. I would say a successful elephant exchange for us!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy Holiday Calendar

12/11 Holiday Bash at Trav and Kims
12/12 Sashimi for Roger's 60th Birthday
12/13 Holiday Bash at Marky and Jenns
12/16 Elephant exchange at Randy's house.. yes, there will be food!
12/18 Dinner w/ the Redwood Ladies
12/19 Baking cookies w/ Mom
12/23 Xmas w/ Tsukahiras
12/24 Xmas w/ Darren's Fujikawa Family
12/25 Xmas w/ My Fam and Tyler's Birthday
12/26 Day After Xmas Celebration w/ Perkins (or just DP), McGuires and Kagehiros
12/27 Yen Family Reunion

And then there's new years.. which hasn't been fully planned out yet... I'm exhausted already!


All that diet nonsense has been thrown out the door. Let the holiday's begin!

Things that happen during the holidays:
1. You gain weight... the holidays is when everyone brings out their secrete fat friendly recipes.. Who can resist?
2. You have a hard time remembering what day it is. Wine, bubbly and anything else that makes you feel good is in constant flow.
3. People are happy.. Gifts and present giving and that feeling of joy is just filling the air
4. People are angry... The piggy bank gets lower during the holidays which always causes tension.

Alright those are my observations.. Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Back from hawaii

We've been back from Hawaii for almost two weeks now and I'm still trying to get into the routine. One great accomplishment this week is I made it to the gym every morning. However, this morning all i did was run. No strength training. But I think even making it there is a good accomplishment. I'm back to the weight I was before we left for Hawaii so that's always a good thing.

Work has been crazy. Before I left things were pretty tense. I think everyone is still very uneasy about their jobs and the need to produce and produce well. It kind of sucks because people that are usually very nice are just on edge.

Not only has work been crazy but while we were gone Darren's auntie became very ill. She's been battling breast cancer for over 10 years and it looks like she's coming to the end. Darren's brother who we just saw in Hawaii came back out to visit. It's always nice to see him and we've gone to visit her a couple of times. She has always been very alert and sharp but really can't eat anything. Yesterday, Darren told me that this weekend will probably be her last and that she's made a video for her grandson Michael. Michael is only two and probably won't remember how great his grandmother was. I've been to a lot of funerals but they never seem to get easier.

This weekend is a busy one. Tonight we're going to celebrate Devin's birthday at Ocean Blue Sushi and Homestead Bowl. I hope things don't get too crazy b/c the weekend is our bazaar. I will be there all day both day's in the flipping burgers. My tan is almost gone so I hope I get one this weekend. I should, it's supposed to be HOT.